The Issues

Discover where Conor Quinn stands on the issues you care about!

Business Development

“I will continue to work with Discover Haverford to bring new businesses into the township.”


“I will keep government transparent and continue to inform residents of important township and neighborhood meetings.”

Parks & Trails

” I will work with the Parks & Recreation Department as well as various community parks to continue to improve our parks and trails.”


“I will continue to keep taxes reasonable as well as give the residents the best services possible.”


“I will address the uptick on crime and continue to work with the Police Department to work on strategic ways to bring crime down.”


Conor's Goals

Conor Quinn has earned the reputation as a reliable, trustworthy public figure and candidate from the beginning of his public service to the 7th Ward and Haverford Township, starting in 2019 even while as a candidate for Commissioner. To learn more about his goals and how he will resolve these issues, please click the links below.