Conor’s Goals & Objectives

For the 7th Ward & Haverford Township

Conor Quinn

What Conor Believes

  • Conor Quinn Believes no one should inject personal agenda or partisan politics into the leadership and the vision for the Township.
  • Conor Quinn Believes he has a proven record of accomplishments indicating his dedication and hard work to achieve his objectives and goals.
  • Conor Quinn Believes in a clear vision of what needs to be done and can be achieved for the taxpayers and residents of the 7th Ward and Haverford Township.

The List of Goals

Please toggle the items below to read about Conor’s goals for the next four years if he is reelected (not in order of priority).

Continue to support the police and give them the necessary tools to keep our township safe. 

Continue to work with our police department to educate the community. 

Work on local issues impacting our community and leaving national issues for our state and federal leaders to work on. 

Work with all the Commissioners regardless of party to solve community issues.