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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

PECO Reliability Improvements –“Oakmont 3 and 4”

As part of an ongoing project to improve reliability for residents and businesses in Haverford Township, PECO will be switching more than 700 customers over to a new circuit in the coming weeks. This project primarily affects customers in and around Darby Road in Ward 3 and Ward 7. PECO will complete the work for a given area before moving on to the next. Planned power outages will be required for customers in each affected area during the changeover. These outages are scheduled for the overnight hours (after 11 PM) between July 9th and July 31st, weather and other conditions permitting. PECO sent letters to customers affected by the power outages and will send an automated phone call the day prior to each outage. The duration of each outage could be as long as eight hours, but the duration depends largely on whether PECO encounters any problems during the changeover to the new circuit.

If you have any questions about this work during construction, please contact PECO at 484-685-7603

PECO Reliability Improvements - "Lanerch 164"

PECO has notified the Township of an upcoming project to enhance local electric distribution and reliability in the Township. Work will include replacement / installation of new poles, wires and transformers as needed. Tree trimming and electrical construction will start in July 2020. The majority of work will occur above streets and sidewalks on Allston, Beverly, Earlington, Mill, East Manoa, Strathmore, and Kathmere Roads, and on Brookline Boulevard.

New aerial devices called reclosers will be installed. When a problem occurs, like a fallen tree limb, lightning strike or vehicle accident, the recloser stops the flow of electricity on the line and automatically restores electricity where possible, thus minimizing the impact to the customers.

To add resiliency, PECO will install a new circuit segment along Beverly Road which will tie to another circuit in the event of an outage.

Work will occur from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with occasional Saturday work possible. The project will be performed by a qualified PECO contractor and is expected to be completed in August. Residents with questions regarding this project may dial 484-685-7603.

PECO Reliability Improvements - Pennsy Trail

PECO has notified the Township of an upcoming reliability improvement project along the Pennsy Trail. This project involves the replacement of several poles between Manoa Road and the vicinity of Princeton Road. The current poles are 40 feet tall and PECO intends to replace them with 45 foot poles. The project will reduce the risk of power outages during high events. Work will take place during regular business hours, and segments of the trail will be closed during that time. If you see barricades and signage along the trail, please do not go around them. They are there for your safety. Residents with questions regarding this project may dial 484-685-7603. PECO to Close Route 320 (Sproul Road) Weekdays for Utility Installation Last week,

PECO informed Haverford Township that they intend to close Route 320 (Sproul Road) weekdays between Darby Road (Haverford Township) and Marple Road (Marple Township) from Monday, July 13 through September from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, for utility installation. In a Press Release dated July 2, 2020, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) confirmed this information. According to PECO, the late notice was due to an oversight by the project team. Originally, the project team did not realize that a portion of Sproul Road was in Haverford Township and they intended to utilize Darby Road for the detour. You may have already noticed the advance signage. However, given the ongoing closure of the Ardmore Avenue Bridge, we pushed back on the proposed detour route. Fortunately, PECO and PennDot agreed to a new plan to detour motorists over Bryn Mawr Avenue and Route 3 (West Chester Pike). PECO will place new detour signage as soon as possible.

Also, at some point during this project, PECO will implement a 24-hour shutdown of Sproul Road for excavation at two stream crossings. More to follow. Finally, please note that this project will continue into Haverford Township in late 2020 or early 2021. We will be meeting with PECO in September to obtain additional details. Aqua Main Replacement - Josie Lane, Jackalyn Drive, Sue Ellen Drive

Aqua Pennsylvania has informed that Township that it will replace 3,626 feet of aging 8-inch cast iron water mains with new 8-inch ductile iron water mains. The work will take place on Josie Lane between Galor Drive and Jacalyn Drive, Sue Ellen Drive between Josie Lane and Jacalyn Drive, Jacalyn Drive between Sue Ellen Drive and House #21 Jacalyn Drive in Haverford Township.

The project will begin on or about July 6, 2020. Residents in the affected area with questions regarding this project may dial 610.328.7713. Aqua Main Replacement - Wynnewood Road, Avon Road, Wickam Road, Olcott Avenue

Aqua Pennsylvania has informed the Township that it will replace 4,358 feet of aging 12, 8-and 6-inch cast iron water mains with new 12, 8-and 6-inch ductile iron water mains. The work will take place on Wynnewood road between County Line Road and Haverford Road, Avon Road between Wynnewood Road and Wickam Road, Wickam Road between Avon Road and Olcott Avenue and Olcott Avenue between Wickam Road and Haverford Road. The project will begin on or about June 29, 2020.

In a press release from PennDOT, the Township learned that Aqua has received a permit to close Wynnewood Road weekdays between Haverford Road and County Line Road from Monday, July 13th through Friday, August 28th between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. However, we followed up with Aqua to learn that that Aqua does not anticipate closing Wynnewood Road all day every weekday for the duration of the project. Aqua would be closing Wynnewood as a safety measure, as needed while working in parts of the area. The Township will forward additional information as it becomes available. Residents in the affected area with questions regarding this project may dial 610.328.7713.








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